Rotatrix Friends Interaction

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Rotatrix Friends Interaction

Post by Admin on 26/03/08, 10:37 pm

Reply in this manner:

RFN Interactive page:
Type: Photo Gallery or Blog
Nickname or Description: less than 25 characters.

1. Login first to your RFN account Here.
2. Come back here and view pages.
3. Interact by leaving comments.
4. You may submit many, but only one gallery links and one blog links will be listed below.

This is designed to help out each other in gaining friendship points for their account. Remember to login first to your RFN account before surfing interactive pages for easy access. Submitted links will be listed below for easy navigation.

If you have any suggestion to further improve this system, please feel free to reply.

What is an Interactive Page?
- These are pages which allow other members to submit contribution relevant to the topic. For example, you may utilize your gallery by uploading a picture and in return visitors may also add their own. You upload a picture of Garfield and other members will then add their own on the comment section.

Example: Cute Puppies (Photo Gallery) | Text Messages (Blog)

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