News Update May 11, 2008 - HKBux Closing Down

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News Update May 11, 2008 - HKBux Closing Down

Post by Admin on 13/04/08, 04:49 am

HKBux is a PTC sites that offers $0.05 for every click and $0.05 for every referral clicks. Premium membership for a year cost $35.95 and benefits include 5 referrals, $0.01 for every click, and priority payment.

But as of last month, they have increased the minimum payout to $7.80. And have even decided to upgrade the membership for premium members from yearly to lifetime. Unfortunately, HKBux is facing a financial crisis due to lack of advertisers and is currently in the midst of a dilemna of whether to close down or restart the site. HKBux admin admitted that he will be unable to make any payments due to lack of funds and is planning to close down the site since he wont be able to afford to pay even the server fee.

In the HKBux Community Board, the admin decided to consult with its members first regarding the fate of the site. Options provided are the following: Close down the site, close down the site and restart, convert HKBux to ads only site, or just keep it alive. Currently, HKBux would payout $1 once you reach at least $10 and any balance would be converted to ads.

A lot of members were disappointed by this move. But hey, no advertisers, no business.

Here's the full details:

GPTNetwork Note: HKBux is now off the list.

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