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Forum Rules & Regulations

Post by Admin on 02/02/08, 03:31 pm

Welcome to the GPT Pinoy Community Board. In order to maintain harmony and have a mess-free environment in the forum and among the members, we encouraged everyone to abide by these rules and regulations. Any violators will be apprehended and will be slapped with the corresponding sanctions.

1. Respect Each Other. Follow the golden rule. Do not flame others or give degratory remarks based on their opinions, beliefs, race, grammar, spelling, etc.

2. No Advertising/Redirect/Referral Links Allowed. You are in no way allowed to post referral links or redirect urls in any discussion thread. A separate thread will be created for the purpose of link exchange.

3. Post In The Right Forum. Search Before You Post. Learn to use the search button. Your question might have been answered already. Duplicate thread will be deleted/removed without prior notice.

4. Keep The Forum Clean. Absolutely no posting of profanity, pornography, drugs, suggestive materials or links to these sites. Avoid using offensive usernames and avatars. Keep your post clean and maintain a PG-13 environment.

5. No Flooding And Spamming. Keep your post/reply related and relevant to the topic. Dont make the forum your personal chatroom. Learn to use the PM function.

6. Type Legibly. All Caps Are Not Allowed. Use the keyboard properly. This is not a cellphone.

7. Respect the moderators. We are human beings too. If you got complaints, requests, or comments, please do ask in a nice way or send us a private message.

8. Signatures. Images will not be allowed on the signatures. You may post your referral links, ads, or blogsites on your signatures. You are restricted to 2 lines and not larger than the normal font size.

9. No Posting of Images. Absolutely no posting of images, photo, or screenshots. A separate thread will be opened for the purpose of sharing payment proof.

10. No Posting Of Illegal Software. GPT Pinoy is strongly against the distribution of illegal scripts or software that are used for cheating on any GPT sites. Violators will have their account banned.

11. Enjoy your stay. Have fun, start clicking, and enjoy your stay. Thank you.

Rules and regulations may changed without prior notice. So please check back on a regular basis.

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