Posting Guidelines [ Read first before posting]

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Posting Guidelines [ Read first before posting]

Post by Admin on 09/02/08, 06:16 am

1. No Referral Links Allowed.

2. No Advertising of Sites other than GPT programs.

3. No Redirecting Links. Misdirecting links or attaching your referral link to a site address is an act of dishonesty and will have your topic/post deleted. Example:, when clicked would lead us to or

4. Search topics before you post. Duplicate topic will be locked or deleted.

5. Post in the right forum.

6. No spamming. Keep your replies close to the topic.

7. No posting of profanity, pornography, or cheats.

8. Respect other members.

9. Follow this format for specific GPT program discussion:

Title: Program Name - site address
Example: Google -

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